Metal and plastic machining

Our professional plant is located in Piaseczno near Warsaw. Our employees are people with reliable knowledge and many years of experience, who attach great importance to the precision of their actions.

We machine:

-carbon steel,

-alloy steel/quality steel,

-non-ferrous metals,


Our offer:

-milling and turning operations on CNC machines,

-turning operations on conventional machines (max diameters fi1400mm l-5000mm),

-milling and boring operations on conventional machines (working field 1250mm x1250mm x1200mm),

-roller grinding (max. Dia. fi400mm l-5000mm),

-surface grinding (max dia. 500mm x2000mm),

-centerless grinding,

-plates CNC and manual cutting (laser, plasma),

-plates bending and rolling,



We are delivering welding operations in:

  • TIG welding
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • laser welding
  • electric welding

We are experienced in the design and manufacture of steel structures, welding of carbon, acid-resistant and aluminum steels.

Regeneration and manufacturing of elements of industrial machines, industrial equipment and replacement parts.

ZM-RE is cooperating with energetic industry, metallurgy industry, mining, chemical and petrochemical industry, food industry, plastics and others. We deliver new parts and regenerate elements of industrial machines and other  industrial equipment.

We repair and manufacure parts of:

  • industrial pumps
  • actuators
  • screw conveyor, belt conveyor, others
  • sorting and packing machines
  • screening machines , shakers
  • industrial shredders and mills
  • industrial sieve
  • blades, cutters
  • gears, transmission, mechanical drives
  • injection molding machine (shafts, molds)
  • construction machinery (elements of cranes, excavator and so on)
  • regeneration of sliding bearings by replacing worn out bearing alloy
  • others

Works are carried out by well qualified proffesionals who are highly experienced and are applying best possible solutions for your project. We are eager to
take the challenge with complicated projects and provide services with best quality.

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